Barefoot Luxury Stay AT


Sumptuous stylish accommodation in a recently refurbished Georgian Mansion built in 1750 – a castle like no other in the Scottish Hebrides, on the wild shore of an island surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean.
This a-listed heritage building is located in the midst of a nature and marine reserve at the west end of the isle of coll. The castle’s name is derived from the gaelic “breach” (beautiful) and “acha” (field): field speckled with wildflowers.

The Isle of Coll is an island so far to the north, off mainland Scotland and at the edge of Europe, that it is separated from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This Hebridean secret is a restorative place, a place to come and attend to the inner being as much as to the stunning environment: the peacefulness, the turquoise water and pure air… for some this defines barefoot luxury!

Castle to rent - Breachacha, Isle of Coll
Today’s luxury is about time, about slow time, about disconnecting and relaxing, about feeling good and thriving in a wild place.

The 18th-century castle marries modern functionality and beauty within the restoration of its original structure and decoration. The building has been brought back to its former stature by the new owner who uses it as a family home and an artists’ residency for part of the year.

This is not a place of conventional luxury, its opulence is of a wilder kind, yet the castle is very comfortable, warm and welcoming in winter, and vivid and light filled through the summer. The luxury of this place is bound up with the pursuit of experience and silence, and removing inner stress from life–to live simply and unrushed amongst great beauty and splendid nature. It is a place of quietude as well as of astonishing storms that beat against the stones of the massive castle walls: there are days of near absolute stillness, soft zephyrs of breeze whispering through the sunlit Machair, as well as days of raging elements with the sound of waves and wind on the nearby shore.

All reasons to enjoy a stay at this lived-in clan castle under the Northern Lights in winter and the Solstice in summer.